Sunday, May 16, 2010

"The zen way of playing tt"

Hey guys! Hope you are all doing great. This post has got a special significance. After reading a bit more, you will come to know about it! The Friday that just passed, had plenty of fun filled activities for the Rhythm & Hues employees. The LA server was shut the whole day, so India decided to have a day with no work but some awesome activities. Morning started off with games, whistling and loud hooting. Ok, ok...I am coming to the point now. Last week we started our tt tournament. And a few matches were pushed to this Friday, of course, that involved semi's and final's. Second half of the day was allocated for the tournament matches. I was all ready to lose the match! Yes...I had already played two matches and lost one. This match was crucial. But I for sure knew that I was going to lose. For my opponent was Vinod. He is just brilliant! The way he meets the ball and sends it back with variety of spins and god knows what! It was just too difficult for me and others to play him. Well....thats why I had this strong belief that I was going to lose. And I did...with the score 1-21. He was bloody good! And I saw nothing! and I couldn't move my hand and I forgot my shots and I was blank! He won the finals. Back home, I thought I should do something for this cool player. So I came up with this illustration. Congratulations Vinod sir! And.. and....I am not giving up on my tt skills. I shall raise again to face you in the next tournament... hehehahahahahahahahahaha


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