Saturday, March 12, 2016

Face the fear...

Stop your feet and turn around. Let the courage supersede the chaotic beatings of your heart... Face that form that has been following you…that has been haunting you…It is a mutation of what had happened and what is yet to exist…but only the culmination of negative possibilities…’Fear’…It is your own reflection, the reverse of the illusionary picture of what could be with disheveled and exaggerated projections of mind. Now the time has come to counter, a step towards it… extend your hands to touch it… look how the once ominous figure is diminishing in to faded nothingness. See how light you feel on your shoulders... hear how the rhythmic your heart’s beats are now... - Shiva, the wandering yogi

Friday, April 25, 2014

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Illustration done for Chennai Super Kings 2013

Hey Guys! Its been more than a year since I have posted anything in my blog. Finally here are some illustrations I did for IPL 2013 for Chennai Super Kings. I was fortunate to collaborate with the OPN Advertising team, and loved the creative journey with them. Hope you like them too!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


She is the ultimate force of sensual and emotional energy. She is the better half of Kam dev the god of love. A whiff of her sent can kindle the most darkest desires of pleasure. In the irresistible act of pleasure, hidden is the secret of creation. Where there is a slightest of the sprout of desire, you realize that its her who had just visited your heart. 


There is no such feeling as soothing and as beautiful as having a post on your own blog. Finally you feel that you have done something that is very personal and it feels great from within. So here it is, the god of love again. I will empower him more with his weapons and paraphernalia in the upcoming posts. But for now Its a start, and am glad that my hands are  breathing again. :) 


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