Wednesday, July 27, 2011

'kaliya mardhan color'


Francisco Martins said...

"Big Fan of your art! "

And I'm a HUGE fan of yours my genius friend!

How are you VJ?

Man, this is absolutely stunning! super congrats on such an amazing piece

vjarumugam said...

Thanks for your very kind words Francisco my friend, :) i have been doing well. planning on a series of paintings and hoping to finish a few very soon. Want to get in to habit of churning more out of my mind. :) You have been quite busy yourself. Lovely artworks. :)

vinod said...

Sirji, Amazingly Portrayed.
I loved the colors on the Cruel "Snake Heads" i.e Kaliya and "Lord Krishna".. which clearly depicts Good against Bad.

Keep it rolling.:)

abhishek singh said...

it's exploding of movement and drama, LOVE IT:)
the wrathfulness of kalia is intriguing but the calm on krishna's face is greater, lovely work brother:)

Sami said...

Lovely, this one :) Krishna's trance is in total contrast to the agitated Kalia- makes it all the more appealing.

Francisco Martins said...

Yes, please make it a series!! this is the kind of image that I can't stop looking at, finding more and more beautiful details each time I look. And the colours... the colours are soooooo beautiful! you are awesome man, I wish I could draw like that :)

Vj Arumugam said...

abhi: Thanks brother. its lovely to hear you after a long time. I am so happy that you relished the small details.

Sami: Hey sami thanks for the comment!

Francisco: hahaha, its all the same from my side to imageries that you create my friend. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. :)

Eric Barclay said...

VJ, this is just beautiful.


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