Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"The day" card!!!

hey guys!:) hope you are all having a fantastic time in life. Right now, am figuring out a good composition for the next post in the Indian gods series. i guess its gonna take some time. mean while i thought you guys can have fun watching this piece. It's an 8 months old piece. and a very special one in my life! :) this is what i designed for my wedding invitation card front cover. ;) this one is digitally inked. And the owner of my heart loved it!!! :) hope you guys like it.


suhasini paul said...

hey...i do remember your wedding card...awesome design!! cheers for both of you. i really liked your work.

Pree said...

vjarumugam : Visiting ur blog for the first time... but really liked ur work...Cheers!


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