Saturday, August 9, 2008

"kaam dev" the lord of love

hey guys! another add on to the indian gods series. This time its the lord of love "kaam dev". :) kaam dev is infusing love in to a beautiful woman through his lotus arrow. couldn't wait to color it up a bit. :) but am going to bring in more colors to the illo soon. good night guys! yawn!! :D


Masha said...

I love to draw, but I can never be so inventive.
I stick to plain sketches of this DIRECTLY in front of me.

kaiserbreath said...

Wow , i wonder how you got into the mood to draw this one :)

And a little something i read up
Kaam Dev (god of love) is the Ansh Avataar (part incarnation) of Bhagvaan Vaasudev. He is the god of Love. He himself has several names - Anang, Madan. His wife's name is Rati (passion), and Vasant (spring) is his companion. His ride is parrot. He has a daughter named Ashrubindumatee.

He has five arrows in his quiver, all are of different flowers - Lotus flower, Ashok flower, mango flower, new jasmine flower and blue costus. The five states of mind associated with each arrow are - Unmaad (maniacal state), Tapan (fervent state), Shoshan (squeezing out state), Stambhan (stand-stillness); and Sammohan (stupification). The Ashok flower kills natural hunger; jasmine flower desiccates (draining up of emotional and intellectual vitality); mango flower fades the color; lotus flower causes crisscross thinking; and the Costus incites the desire for suicide.

Lorraine said...

great linework in this!

nikheel said...

Super Cool dude! loved all the stuff..specially Ram! keep it up.

Toonfactory said...

Wowwww...waiting for a colored version.. :) U knw Kaamdev has Makarkundal i.e. earrings designed like a depict the grip of love should be like a croc's grip.. :)and according to old scriptures his Bow is made of Sugarcane- interpretation: when one speaks to the beloved, whatever he says (shoots) should be as sweet as sugar... there are many more such allegories but I think rather getting into describing them I should say...this is the best Kaamdev image I've ever seen..
Waiting for the colored version bro

abhishek singh said...

really luv the way u hav used color so far's quiet nice now also ..i like it ....but eager to see what u might brng with the full color image always a stunning peice ....n inspirin ...
what a start to my day ..thanks

V said...

something reminded me that u had mentioned a WIP of a god that was totally ur forte. Like I've said before.....'you' cant go wrong with this god:).....AWESOME!

vjarumugam said...

masha: hey masha! thanks for visiting the blog. people of their own interest areas i guess. you do what your heart tell you to, and i do the same. and hey loved the picture of the girl and the guy playing games. :)

kaiserbreath: hey krishna! the answer is that am naturally embedded with the "x" instincts. lol. and thanx for the good read eh!

lorraine: its great to hear from you lorraine. thanks for visiting the blog.

nikheel: hey da! :) nice to have you here. thank you for the comment. i was going thru your blog. and you have some cool cali stuff happening. will have to revisit and gain the joy again.

toonfactory: hey buddy! :D that was a good tip about kaam dev eh! i wonder how you know about such details. hats off to your knowledge and generosity. :) the colored stuff is almost ready! :) you will see it soon.

abhi: hey bro! your visit to the blog always makes me happy. its like... a green signal from ya is a bliss. i have finished the colored stuff and will soon be posting. :)

v: hey macha! am glad you liked the illo. planning three versions of kaam dev. addressing to different feelings like desire, love , lust. havn't started yet. but am dying to start on that. :) waiting to see more from you too.

j.caro said...

eres muy bueno, me gusta mucho tu trabajo

vjarumugam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vjarumugam said...

muchas gracias por visitar el blog.
lol.No puedo hablar español!
i estoy traduciendo al Spanish Inglés, usando google!
pero su emocionante. amor respondiendo de esta manera. hA hA hA:)
por favor visitar el blog.


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